When should the wedding invitation be sent?

The optimal time for sending the wedding invitation depends on 3 factors: first of all from the bride and groom themselves, then from the type and location of the planned wedding celebration and finally of course from the wedding guests.

So when is the best time to send mail? Let's start with factor 1, the newlyweds. There are newlyweds who start saving up for the wedding a few years before the planned wedding and also start planning early so that everything is perfect for the most important day in life. It makes no sense to send the wedding invitation card more than 1 year in advance. The invited wedding guests could lose the invitation card by the wedding date or forget the wedding date because the time frame between receiving the invitation and the wedding party is too long. The Circle of Friends can also change. That means people you would have invited to the wedding two years ago have become a stranger to you.

Other bridal couples prefer to plan the wedding at short notice rather than years in advance. In the case of a wedding planned at short notice, the invitation should be sent at least 4 weeks before the wedding date.

The type and location of the wedding celebration also influence the time for sending the invitation. For example, if a wedding is planned in a castle in Ireland and all guests will be arriving from abroad, the invitation should be sent in time so that the wedding guests can plan. Holidays must be taken and accommodation and travel to Ireland must be booked. In this case, it would not be too early to send the invitation one year before the appointment. The larger and farther away the wedding celebration takes place, the more planning security the guests need.

The wedding date must fit in the schedule of the guests. Working people have to register holidays, but pensioners can also have other dates that cannot be postponed. Many wedding planners recommend sending the invitations three months in advance.

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