Tips for cleaning fully automatic coffee machines

Have you recently bought a fully automatic coffee machine or have you owned one for a long time? Then you should clean it at regular intervals in order to enjoy it for as long as possible!

Every fully automatic coffee machine has a centerpiece: the brew group! This should always be cleaned, because this ensures perfect hygiene. Thanks to such hygiene, the aromatic coffee is also free of impurities and tastes like the very first time the fully automatic machine was used. The brew group can usually be removed and is therefore easy to clean.

The coffee bean hopper should be cleaned at regular intervals. Dust and grease residues usually form here. All you need is lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid. Even if the coffee beans have run out, cleaning is also possible.

Depending on the region, the water tank of every fully automatic coffee machine has to deal with lime. It can often be removed and a descaler can be used for cleaning. However, warm water and detergent are sufficient for more frequent cleaners.

What is often forgotten is the milk foam system. This can be cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid and then rinsed with clear water, which prevents bacteria and lets your machine live longer.

Most removable parts of a fully automatic coffee machine are suitable for a dishwasher. Take out the parts more often and let them rinse with a wash cycle of 70 degrees.

In most cases, warm water and detergent help with regular cleaning. Then it should be rinsed with clear water. This removes dust, bacteria / germs and fat residues. This leaves aromatic coffee enjoyment until the last drop and the machine lives longer than usual. From time to time, a decalcifier can also be useful for the water tank and depending on the region, so that the water flow can be properly regulated again!

If your coffee machine is important to you, clean it at regular intervals and you will enjoy it for a long time.

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