How to clean the coffee machine properly?

Who doesn't love a freshly brewed coffee or a delicious latte macchiato, a strong espresso to wake you up or a creamy cappuccino ?! No wonder that fully automatic coffee machines are currently the trend and that many households have such a great device.
Of course, the ingredients such as water, milk and coffee or espresso beans are foods and as we know, foods are perishable and therefore require proper handling. Therefore, the question of how and how often you can properly clean a fully automatic coffee machine is clarified below.

First of all: Basically it is important to keep the coffee machine clean to prevent calcification, mold or germ formation. Since such a high-tech device has many components, we will now go into each one.

The water tank

As a rule, it is sufficient to rinse the water tank with water before refilling. If the coffee machine has not been used for a long time, the water is tipped out of the tank and then also rinsed with water and refilled with water.

The brewing unit

If you have a fully automatic coffee machine with a built-in brewing unit, you do not have to worry about anything, as the machine takes care of the cleaning. This either happens automatically or has to be started manually. However, if the device has a removable brewing unit, weekly cleaning is recommended. To do this, the brewing unit must be removed from the device and rinsed with water as with the water tank. Before the brewing unit is plugged back into the machine, it is imperative to ensure that it has been dried, otherwise it could become blocked.

The pulp container

Depending on usage, this should be cleaned regularly with hot water and washing-up liquid, since the coffee or espresso beans are oily and greasy and therefore germs and other impurities are best removed.

The coffee spout and the drip tray

These too must be cleaned regularly. Simply rinse with water and dry well to avoid germ contamination.

The milk frother

The milk frother probably needs the most intensive care on the whole coffee machine. This must be cleaned immediately after each use, otherwise the taste and quality of the frothed milk will be severely impaired by incrustations and nucleation.

Finally, it should be mentioned that all seals must be checked at regular intervals so that you can enjoy various coffee specialties for a long time.

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