Car rental after an accident? You should pay attention to this!

Your vehicle was damaged in an accident. It is irrelevant whether it is a total loss or just a small sheet damage. The question then is how you can manage without your vehicle. In particular, the way to work becomes a challenge if there is not enough public transport available. A rental car can be the solution here.

Who is entitled to a rental car after an accident??

The question of guilt is central. Are you the victim or the cause of the accident? This in turn determines which insurance company is responsible for settling claims.
As the injured party, you are entitled to have the damage remedied by the opponent's liability insurance. The repair costs are covered by the opposing insurance. If you need a replacement car for the time of the repair, the costs for this are also borne by the insurance company.

What specific regulations are there??

Although the situation seems to be clear, there are always difficulties with the question of the assumption of costs and too long processes.
The following points should also be noted:
- The repair invoice and the exact service life of the car in the workshop are important
- It should be clearly demonstrated that the vehicle is unusable. in addition, the de minimis limit of 30 km per day must be observed
- Only the costs actually incurred are to be reimbursed
It is therefore advisable that you document everything from the start of the accident and have it confirmed by witnesses etc. So you always have written evidence at hand.

How long can you use a rental car?

Use is permitted for the duration of the repair. The insurance will only cover the costs during this period. At the same time, only an equivalent vehicle must be used. It is supposed to be a replacement for your model, not a luxury car. Then the insurance company has the right to cut up to 50% of the cost of the rental car.

Rental car in the event of a total loss?

Even in the event of a total loss, you have the right to receive a rental car until you get a new car. The opposing insurance has to bear the costs.

The cost after an accident

The rules all run between the opposing insurance company and the provider of the rental car. However, a price comparison is recommended. Always make sure that the costs are proportionate.

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