Accident, and now? Right to a rental car?

Nobody wants it, but if it does happen, you should be prepared: you have a traffic accident, your car is more or less badly damaged. Either a sheet metal damage results or it can lead to total damage. You are undecided what to do now. After all, you have to drive to work, go shopping, go to school. The solution could be a replacement car (rental or rental car).

Are you entitled to a rental car after an accident?
In the event of an accident, the question of guilt must always be clarified first. This is the basis for any further procedure. Depending on whether you are the victim or the person responsible, the legal situation is different. It follows which insurance pays for the damage and will pay the associated costs. If you are the victim, the opponent (or his / her insurance) must pay for the costs. This may include getting a rental car because otherwise you will not be able to move (adequately). If you have to drive your car to the workshop (but it doesn't make sense in the event of total damage), you can get a replacement car (rental car). But you have to follow some rules.

These factors are crucial for getting a rental car:

> The service life of the broken car in the workshop (be sure to ask for an invoice for the repair!)
> The demonstrable uselessness of the car is important!
> Only really incurred and demonstrably presentable costs are reimbursable!?

It is also very important that you record / document everything exactly, otherwise there will be no opportunity later (verbally) to make a complaint! You should definitely collect and keep every receipt. The repair and use of the replacement car (rental car).

The rental car after an accident must be appropriate

This should be in the same category as the original car. You can do something with it.

Rental car after total loss

After a total loss, you are entitled to a replacement car until you get a new car, that's for sure. The length of time in which you procure a new vehicle is absolutely covered with the rental car.

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